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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Deck Installer in South Africa

Here are some important questions to ask the deck installers in South Africa before hiring them to help you choose the best contractors for your deck installation project...

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Tips for Getting Your First Deck Built

When getting your first deck built it is vital to find the right deck installers to do the job. Here are some great tips to find the best deck installers for your first deck in South Africa...

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Wooden Deck for Pools: What You Need To Know

Whether you alraedy have a pool that you need to improve with a wooden deck or you are planning to install one on your property, here are some important factors you must consider when installing wooden decking for your pool in South Africa...

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6 Composite Decking Maintenance Tips

As an essential aspect of your home, your deck needs to be maintained to keep it in great condition, forestall expensive repairs, extend its lifespan, and maintain the investment value. In this article we will consider six important tips that can help you to take proper care of your composite deck...

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Choosing the Best Deck Installers in South Africa

In choosing the right deck company in South Africa there is some essential information you must obtain about the available contractors to be able judge their expertize better. You may have to make some necessary enquiry, inspect some projects, and obtain relevant quotes before making an informed decision. Before choosing a decking company in South Africa to handle your project, the following must be considered...

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6 Renovations to Increase Property Value

A rennovation project can add to the value of your home. So many homeowners erroneously assume that any renovation project will increase the value of their home. In choosing the right renovation project to embark on, there are a lot of things to consider such as the impact of the renovation on the cost of maintenance, the solution the project offers to residents, and the cost effectiveness of the project....

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Why Every Home Needs a Wooden Deck

Installation of deck remains one of the unquestionable ways to upgrade a house. Decks provide an extra space for relaxation as well as a good space to host and entertain guests. A well-installed deck also adds to the general appeal of a home and hence, the value of the home. Here are some of the reasons why every home needs a wooden deck installed...

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Factors that Determine Cost Of Decks

You have decided to pursue the outdoor deck. Maybe you have set some money aside for the project and are now doing some research to find out all the facts that you can before you commit. There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while going through the process of setting your budget and choosing a contractor...

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Things To Consider before Investing on a Deck

A deck is a wonderful addition to your property. Besides the many benefits that it will bring to your lifestyle, it will also increase your property’s value. If your deck is worth the money to plan and invest in, it is worth going the extra mile to hire a professional to build. But before you call the installer, there are a few things to research and consider. As in any permanent investment, there are plans to be made and all angles should be considered.....

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5 Reasons You Need A Pool Deck

You have seen enticing pictures of beautiful pool decks. Magazines are full of them and so are internet sites. But are they actually advantageous to your property? Do pool decks provide enough to compensate for the expense of installing one? If you own a pool, be it an in-the-ground design or above-ground model, decks truly are beneficial and essential for the life and maintenance of your pool. Here's why...

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Benefits of Outdoor Decks

SAre you considering a new deck for your property? That is always a great idea. Decks offer a polished, quality look that is unequal to any other property enhancement. The benefits to installing a deck to your home or office are numerous. Some of them are listed here to help you gain a better understanding of what the deck truly offers you and your space...

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Difference Between Composite and Hardwood Decking

Decks offer a plethora of benefits including an increase in property value. While choosing a deck for your home comes decisions about the size and type of deck that you want as well the material. Decks are mainly made from either wood or composite materials. Let us tell you about each to help you decide which material would be best for you and your individual space....

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