Deck Installation

Decks and outdoor entertaining go hand in hand. Braaing, family dinners, evening parties and get-togethers are perfectly staged on a deck. Be it a morning workout or simply seeking solitude with a great book, decks are just so functional yet so enchanting.

Our expert deck builders will come and install the deck that is right for you and your personal needs. Decks can be made in any size, color or elevation to create just the right setting to enhance your life and lifestyle. We install high quality decks in Durban. We have an excellent team of experienced craftsmen. We strive to provide friendly customer service to answer all of your questions and help you find the deck of your dreams.

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Timber decking has become very popular in many South African home's yards and landscapes. Our wooden decking meets these superb standards with the high quality hardwoods on the market. We only use non-abrasive decking screws and all timber decks are treated on all sides of the wood to prevent splitting.

Our frames are built with reinforcement for a lifetime of luxury. The wood is also treated to withstand our Durban sea breezes and humid climate.

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Composite decking is a popular choice for many home and commercial properties. This is the most durable decking money can buy. It can be made to look just like real wood at a fraction of the cost. It is a viable wood decking alternative that is more reasonably priced than hardwoods.

Composite a man-made material that is harder and more durable than wood. It is actually, known as the most durable product that can be bought for decking purposes. It is made of recycled wood fibres, plastic, and a binding agent.


We provide decks for all of your outdoor needs both domestic and commercial. Decks enhance your lifestyle and increase the value of your home or business. We can install the deck of your dreams. We provide:

Pool Decks: Our pool decks can be made from either wood or composite materials. A pool deck improves the aesthetic quality of your space and makes your pool look and feel bigger. It offers a convenience and invites guests to stop and stay awhile.

Garden Decks: These beautiful decks are installed in garden settings to enhance your garden and create a space of solace and peace. Garden decks can be made from wood or composite.

Patio Decks : Create more living space with a patio deck that can be used for a myriad of purposes to help you make the most of your day. Patio decks can be made of wood or composite and can be made any size or elevation. They are the perfect addition to any home or workplace.

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