Deck Installation

There is nothing more stunning than a professionally built outdoor deck. Having one installed will enhance the look and value of your home. It will also offer comfort and style to your outdoor grounds. Utilize your outdoors all year long with a deck for all seasons.

We provide high quality decking services in Johannesburg. Our products are the perfect fit for your budget with decking prices that are competitive without risking quality and durability.

Deck expansion means far more than just an add-on. It means a change of space and an enrichment to daily life. To your business, a patio offers a diverse expansion that can be used for private client consultations, staff meetings and social chats.

Our master deck installers are highly experienced in the industry and can install a deck of any size or elevation. Let us work with you to make your decking ideal in every way.

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Our wooden decks add a new dynamic and warmth to the home. Their all natural woods fit into any outside décor and provide a look of polished elegance. Our timber decks are all weather treated to withstand harsh elements and stay pristine throughout the year.

The wooden deck blends in perfectly with nature. All pieces of our timber decks are treated including the cut ends to protect against splitting and warping. We also use double joints to keep them strong and secure.

Make a Gorgeous and Aesthetically Pleasing
Addition to Any Home or Business.


These decks are made for glamor and fun. A quality deck has to be aesthetically pleasing, safe and strong. Our decks are built with the highest quality of materials.

We can supply a deck to fit any space and customize its frame to a precision fit.

Our decking is made from either wood which will compliment your home with natural beauty or composite which proves the most durable of any material used for decking purposes.


We provide decking for all of your needs:

Pool Decks: A quality deck has to be aesthetically pleasing, safe and strong. Our pool decks are built with the highest quality of materials. Pool decks provide the beautiful ambiance for your landscape.

The deck is the frame in which to showcase the pool; to make it look bigger and more inviting. Modern decks provide a sleek sophistication and a temptation to stay a while and seek solace in the natural beauty of outside.

Garden Decks: These truly enhance the beauty of your garden. Our garden decks are enchanting and create a haven of peace and tranquility to showcase your flora and provide a framework for your natural work of art.

Patio Decks: Who doesn’t want to add on to their patio? We can install your ideal sized deck for nights full of entertaining with family and friends! Perfect for getting together, for braaing, and for anything you want to do. Enjoy the outdoors in a whole new way
with a patio deck that adds space for fun.

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