Composite Decks

Choosing which deck materials to use can be a confusing process. It is difficult to decide between hardwoods or composite materials for your dream deck. Your outdoor deck is something that will be a permanent fixture to your home or business and you want to make the right decision before the process begins. Though there are several options to choose from, the two main decking choices are either going to be hardwood or composite.

Hardwood is wonderful. It is all natural but it also requires a lot of maintenance to keep it beautiful and strong. The composite material, on the other hand, is growing in trend and popularity throughout the decking industry. Composite is a man-made material and is usually comprised of wood fibres and recycled plastics in equal parts, with added colours, ultraviolet inhibitors, and preservatives.

The final product is an eco-friendly decking that is one of the strongest materials on the market today for outdoor construction. Composite decking uses a fraction of the trees needed to produce hardwood decking plus it reuses plastics to cut down on local landfills.

Composite decking is a wonderful alternative to natural wood. It can be made to look and feel just like wood. More expensive composite decking choices can even be bought to have wood-like shade variations and patterns that are found in real wood planks.

Composite decking is very versatile and diverse offering a variety of different colours and patterns to choose from to help you customise your deck to fulfil your personal needs and desires.

Transform Your Home With the Deck of Your Dreams!

We also custom build our decks with your business in mind. Our decks provide a professional addition to your property that is impressive on many levels. They add a unique extension that allows space for your business. Add a deck that is tiered on different levels for special corporate events and parties.

Or add a small patio deck to provide a private, shady spot for client consultations. The exterior deck provides an appealing, comfortable and informal place to put your customers at ease.

In a shocking statistic, it is estimated that around 6 metres of composite decking contain about contains about 13kg of material that would have been traditionally piled in a landfill. By using these products to instead create stunning outdoor decks, we not only help to save the environment but also gain the opportunity to own low maintenance, strong and durable decks to last and grace your gardens for generations to come.

Composite material provides the strongest and most durable decking in the industry and is rapidly changing the way we look at outdoor decks and their capabilities.

Keep in mind two important facts with composite materials.

  • One, no matter the composite that you choose, your deck’s main structural frame will still be made from wood.
  • Two, composite decks cost more than hardwood decks to install but will last longer and need less maintenance than hardwood decking to keep in top performance.

Deck owners can even have the railings, balusters, post caps and posts, decorative trim and skirts, all match the shade and textural design of their composite decking. The main reason why people choose composite decking is for the low maintenance that it offers.

Even though many composite decking choices are gorgeous, they can get pricey and some require specific screws for installation. Make sure you get all hidden costs before you decide on your decking so there will not be surprises to your budgeted funds later.

If you are going to install your own deck, then you will have to do this homework for yourself. Make sure that you find out if you are allowed to lay a deck. If there are any building material restrictions that you need to know about and if your composite of choice is allowed.

Some composite decking requires specific framing and fastener spacing at the time of construction. Make sure that your deck is allowed and build it to code in case you are visited by local building officials. You may also need a permit to build your deck and will want to comply with all laws before you begin your venture.

If you should choose a professional installer, they already know these laws and restrictions and will build your deck per regulation. They will also install your composite deck expertly and professionally and quickly, getting you ready for fun in no time at all.

We provide decking for all of your needs:

Though there are many benefits to composite decking there are also drawbacks that you need to know before installation. Composite decking can be very hot to walk on in the summer. Capped composite is the same and can trap and hold in the heat for longer periods. If you are choosing composite decking, choose to put it in a shadier spot that does not get a lot of sun. Also, choose a lighter colour of decking as it will not burn your feet.

If you are choosing a composite deck to grace your pool, make sure to get your composite deck with a texture of some sort as plain decking becomes slippery when wet and texturized decking helps to maintain safety. New decking made from composite will usually fade to a lighter shade within the first two to three months of sun exposure. After this, your deck should not fade anymore.

Composite does tend to scratch easily. Be careful when moving furniture about and wearing high heels on your deck. Scratches cannot be buffed out but do tend to blend in over time. Food and grease can stain your composite deck easily.

Composite decking is an amazing alternative to the hardwood deck. Even with its drawbacks, the composite decking is the ultimate solution to many of the headaches that come with wood. There are also other man-made deck alternatives such as PVC and plastic decking materials. They are all on the market and are all readily available to shop and
to make your educated choice between.

These other decking types install like composite decking but are not as durable nor as strong. Composite is the only choice for
longevity, beauty, and innovation.