Wooden Deck for Pools: What You Need To Know

Pool decking is a classic project that can greatly improve a property. It gives a pool such aesthetic uplift that cannot be rivalled, as well as a boost in value. A wooden deck around a pool highlights the area surrounding the pool and sets it aside from the rest of the compound, creating a natural appeal. Other pool deck options include concrete and stones, but wood remains an incredibly beautiful option as it comes with a lot of advantages.

Wooden deck for pools is not like every other wooden decking projects. Due to its uniqueness, the project must be done right in order for maximum benefits to be derived. There are several factors to consider when installing a perfect wooden deck for pools.

Whether you have a pool already that you only need to improve with a wooden deck or you are still planning out your property, there are certain things you need to know about the wooden deck for pools and that is what this article is poised to explore. Read on for a complete exposure to the basic things to consider before the project. We will start our discussion with the advantages of wooden decks for your pool.

What are the Advantages of a Wooden Deck for Pools?

Firstly, your swimming pool cannot do without a deck, it is a basic requirement to complete a pool. Asides from the fact that the deck adds value on its own, here are its advantages:

  • Wooden decks are softer than stones and concrete, making them a better choice for the safety of swimmers. Getting wet makes people slip and a fall on a wooden deck will result in lesser injury than a fall on concrete or stone decks. This is especially good for children.
  • Wooden decks look natural and will complement the landscaping of your property. This will make a natural statement of beauty.
  • If there is enough space around the pool, the wooden deck can become another spot for relaxation and entertainment at any time of the day or night. The deck can even include a shaded spot from where you can sit and watch others, taking the enjoyment of the outdoor lifestyle to the next level within your compound.
  • Depending on the shape of your pool and your personal taste, the wooden deck can be extended as a wooden bridge over the pool.
  • The wooden deck will also help to keep your pool clean as it serves as a barrier between the pool and the rest of the yard, therefore removing some of the dirt and grass gathered at the feet of users and preventing it from being transferred to the pool.

What Style Of Wooden Deck Is Available?

As pools vary, so do wooden decks. Wood is a softer material when compared to concrete. It is often easier for installers to cut and saw them to the shape that will suit your pool and the style you want. While selecting the type of wooden deck you want in your home, it is essential that you work with the installers to come up with the perfect plan.

Normally, the style will have to depend on the pool and the general look of your yard. Due to the fact that wood is a natural material, it will fit into the surrounding quite easily. The fact that they are relatively soft also means that they can be cut in any possible pattern and used to create any design that will complement any setting or garden.

Also, the woods can be used to create a walkway from the pool to your house or other areas of the compound around your surroundings. The wood can also be used for any construction work, so you can have benches, tables, and even flower boxes made from the same wood used for the pool’s decking. There is hardly any limit to the variety of style available with a wooden deck for pools.

What About The Pool Decking Materials?

Not every wood is ideal for building decks and certainly, not every wood is ideal for building decks for pools. Wooden deck for pools is a serious project with great potentials, but when done wrong, it can have a lot of disadvantages that will result in economic waste. There are some timbers that are ideal for the project and they are normally treated to avoid any peeling and blistering that could occur in the future.

You must make sure that the materials the installers are going to use are sustainable. Sustainability should not be confused with durability. Yes, the materials must be durable, but the impact they will have on the immediate environment and the area about it should also be considered before they are approved for installation.

You have to take cognizance of the fact that the pool (water) will have an effect on anything about it including the deck, so the material must be durable and sturdy enough to withstand the tough effect of water and other aspects of the pool’s environment, including human traffic. You should also ask about the maintenance requirement of the materials. So many wooden decking materials require minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan.

What Is The Maintenance Schedule For Wooden Deck For Pool?

As has been stressed earlier, the timber used for a wooden deck for pools are strong woods that can withstand the effect of the pool. They are often coated for added protection. Normally, it will last for several years but may lose some of its shine as time passes. To maintain the original look, maintenance is needed. Regular oiling of the deck and other minor works can help keep the wooden deck in a great condition for a really long time.

What Are The Other Things You Should Consider?

There are some other things you should consider before the wooden deck installers start working at your poolside. The deck is not just any flooring but must be viewed as a part of the environment. The project can also take in some other accessories in the yard to ensure uniformity.

Privacy fences, pool shades, changing areas, overhangs for shades, and seating places can also be considered and done at the same time the deck is being installed with the same material for uniform appeal. Incorporating the projects will not only bring cohesive appearance to your property, it will equally have some economic advantage.

As a general rule, your wooden deck for pools should have these extra characteristics:

  • It should be comfortably safe for going barefoot on a wet surface (should not be slippery)
  • It should look natural and blend into the environment
  • It should withstand heat and not get too hot for the foot during hot weather conditions
  • It should also be built with nails and screws that are resistant to rust.

Who Should Build Your Wooden Deck For Pools?

Never contract unreliable wooden deck installers to work on your project. Even with the right materials and equipment, a bad contractor will mess things up with your pool and the project. Look out for contractors that have experience in wooden decking installation and are trustworthy. Only reliable contractors will give you what you want.

A wooden deck for a pool is a great project that will definitely improve the value of your property. To get the best out of it, pay attention to all the points discussed and work with a reputable installer to improve your home and its value significantly.