5 Reasons You Need a Pool Deck

You have seen enticing pictures of beautiful pool decks. Magazines are full of them and so are internet sites. But are they actually advantageous to your property? Do pool decks provide enough to compensate for the expense of installing one? If you own a pool, be it an in-the-ground design or above-ground model, decks truly are beneficial and essential for the life and maintenance of your pool. Here’s why:

1. Increases the Value of Your Home

Any outdoor deck will instantly add to the market value of your property. Decks are wise investments that only increase your overall value. Owning a pool has already increased the value of your home. Now, by adding a deck to that pool you significantly raise the value even more.

A pool deck adds aesthetic value as well, making your landscape and existing pool look more polished and well-kept. If you are planning to sell your property in the future, adding a pool deck will allow you to increase your asking price and raise your revenues.


Whatever your pool type, there are decks that will optimize it and offer amazing beauty and functionality to your existing pool.

Decks for Above-the-Ground Pools

Above-the-ground pools usually have decks made from wood, aluminum, PVC, or vinyl. They can be installed and used in the same day and can even have wonderful amenities such as stairs, railings, skirting and intricate designs.

These decks are easy to clean and are durable to withstand weight and harsh weather conditions. They last longer than your pool. When this happens simply remove the damaged pool and replace it keeping your deck where it is.

Decks for In-the-Ground Pools

When choosing material for your in-the-ground pool deck, you have to do some homework to find the decking that is right for you. Decking materials vary and the selection is massive. Concrete can be used here as well as paving stones and tile.

These decking materials do run on the expensive side so make sure you get all of the hidden costs that will be present before you decide on these. Wood decking, on the other hand, is a very popular choice, as is composite decking. These two are the choice materials for most of the deck installed today. They both provide durability and strength.

Professionally installed wooden decking is always treated for weather and water resistance. It is an all-natural substance and perfectly blends in with the natural glory of outdoors. Wood can be stained any color and its natural patterns provide an amazing look for any pool deck.

Composite decking is one of the hardest and strongest materials that you can find on the market today. It is made from sawdust and recycled plastics. It can be found in a wide variety of colors and designs and can even be made to perfectly mimic natural wood in appearance and texture.

Your pool is a wonderful addition to your yard. Pool decks provide the beautiful ambiance for your landscape. The deck is the frame in which to showcase the pool; to make it look bigger and more inviting. Modern decks provide a sleek sophistication and a temptation to stay a while and seek solace in the natural beauty of outside.

3. Quality Time:

Pool decks allow us to make the most of our pool. Whether you have installed an in-the-ground or above-the-ground pool, a deck adds usability and access allowing you more free reign to enjoy your pool as you wish. Adding a deck allows for more quality time with family and friends.

Pool decks are inviting and excellent for pool parties or simply enjoying the allure of laying in the sunshine with a good book. Enjoy family dinners poolside or drinks with friends as the sun sets. Pool decks are not only aesthetically pleasing. They also inspire life and quality time with those you value most.

4: Safety:

A pool deck provides safety for you and your guests. Decks provide a non-slip surface for swimmers and sunbathers. They also offer even platforms to play upon. In-the-ground pools that do not have decks are in danger of ground erosion around the rim of the pool and decay, as well as damage to the pool’s foundation.

Above-the-ground pools run the risk of damage to the pool lining and structure. Decks help your above-the-ground pool to help stabilize it and make it structurally stronger. Decks help to add life to your pool and its longevity.

No matter your pool type there are certain aspects to look for in your pool decking to give you the deck you want with the amenities that you need for your safety and comfort.

Pool decks should be appealing and cool to walk on. They should also have a non-slip surface. When choosing your decking, it is important to pick a material that will weather well. Find the material that will withstand your individual weather better than any other material option. Take into consideration the heat and sun of your summer season and the cold and wind of your colder times of year. Your pool deck should also be textured to reduce slipping.

5. Maintenance Control:

Pool decks allow for easy pool cleaning. Decks should also be easy to maintain. Choose a decking with maintenance in mind. Some decking materials require more maintenance than others and you will want to maintain your deck to the fullest potential to keep it in top condition.

Do you already have a pool deck? Here are a few tips to consider: Composite decks require less maintenance than wooden decks do. Also, if you have a concrete deck already in place, you should consider replacing it with a deck made with a different type of decking material. Concrete decks are prone to cracking which, if left unchecked can create larger problems that will be far more expensive to correct

When concrete is initially laid, it is poured in liquid state. As it hardens it cures and water is absorbed. This causes a loss in volume. This loss causes your concrete to shrink at approximately 1/16 of an inch every 10 feet. This shrinkage then causes the concrete to crack. Cracks travel completely through the concrete. They can be obvious or unseen. When cracking occurs, it can be costly to repair. If it is left unrepaired, it can worsen to the point of needing an entirely new slab poured.

Also, concrete slabs are abrasive and can be a safety hazard. Concrete pool decks used to be slippery when wet then abrasives were added to try and counteract this safety hazard. Instead, they added a new dimension of danger all their own. When concrete decks with added abrasives get wet they are still a little slick and now create scrapes and worse injuries when a loved one falls.

Pool decks are versatile and the reasons for adding a deck to your swimming pool are extensive. Not only will it add a stunning outdoor invitation to rest and to restore the soul but it also adds to the value of your home, and provides a time-honored addition to your home that will create happiness and memories to last a lifetime.