Difference Between Composite and Hardwood Decking

You are wanting a new deck for your home and property. That is a wise choice, indeed. Decks offer a plethora of benefits including an increase in property value. While choosing a deck for your home comes decisions about the size and type of deck that you want as well the material. Decks are mainly made from either wood or composite materials. Let us tell you about each to help you decide which material would be best for you and your individual space.


Wood decking is stunning, no matter how you look at it. The natural shades and patterns in the hardwoods provide a finished product unlike any other you can get. It is nature at its most beautiful. All sides of the wood decking are treated for harsh weather conditions. They can also be stained at any hue to match your décor.

Timber decking can be either left like rough sawn timber that looks rustic and tough (which is perfect for that outdoorsy-all natural look) or finished into defined and elegant pieces ready to grace your décor inside or out. Woodcuts can be made to the customer’s exact specifications.

Timber woods are classified in soft and hardwood categories. Many types of wood used for decking are classified into these two timber types. Each wood has its own unique qualities in both appearance and durability. Below are popular woods great for decking in our South African climate. We have also included some characteristics for each to help you find the ideal choice in your deck design.

Rhodesian Teak: This hardwood has an even and fine texture. It is heavy and hard with a massive resistance to decay and abrasion. This wood is offered in varying shades of golden brown to reddish brown.

African Rosewood: This beautiful hardwood is a favourite and is often found in pink to red-brown with purple streaks.

Saligra: This hardwood is popular and is harvested from South African Commercial plantations. It holds a pale colour and can be found in tan to medium brown shades.

Meranti: This durable hardwood is a popular choice for inner home construction and for outdoor decking. It has a gorgeous light brown colour that ranges to reddish-purple tones.

Red Iron Bark: This is one of the most durable and dense woods on the market. It will last worry-free for about 30 years. This hardwood is ideal for the African climate and is a very stable natural substance. It contains a beautiful reddish-brown colour.

Ipe: This hardwood is simply gorgeous. It is durable and excellent for decking. It holds a strong resistance to water, fire, and insects. Its colours range in a medium to dark brown shades.

Garapa: This hardwood has a lovely golden and light brown in colour. It is excellent for decking because it holds a natural resistance to insects, decay, and rot.

Rhino Modified Wood: This unique wood is all natural SA Pine that has been infused and modified to make it more thermal. It has been heat-treated and has a hot wax compound added. These added steps ensure that the wood is far denser than other woods. It also provides a better weight bearing potential, allows for less maintenance, has a harder surface and can resist fungal decay, bug and water damage better than other woods.

Woods decks are worth their weight in gold as far as adding a substantial increase in your property’s value. They do, however, need to be maintained on a routine basis. A well maintained wooden deck provides plenty benefits plus peace of mind.


Composite is fast becoming a tradition in quality decking. It is a viable wood decking alternative that is more reasonably priced than hardwoods. Composite a man-made material that is harder and more durable than wood. It is actually, known as the most durable product that can be bought for decking purposes.

It is made of recycled wood fibres, plastic, and a binding agent. These materials result in a composition that is stronger and more durable than wood for construction and manufacturing. It is essentially a wood and plastic blended material.

It can be made to look and feel just like wood. Customers can get composite decking that looks like rare wood. Composite materials offer other benefits that traditional wood does not. Composite decking requires very little maintenance. It washes easily with a garden hose. It will not warp or decay and has a much longer lifespan.

For many, the decision to choose woods or composite is a hard choice to make. Composite is the most durable and cost effective, however, there is just nothing like a natural hardwood to fit perfectly into the outdoor landscape. Decisions are hard. Let us help you make the decision that is right for your property.